Saturday, April 22, 2006

Will Mac OS X go open source ?

Beeing myself a fan of both MacOS and Linux seeing the column of John Dvorak at,1895,1950222,00.asp was a surprise. As you may know the new Intel based macs are capable of running win xp natively creating a lot of fuss around them. If you have ever run MacOS you already know that is currently years ahead of windows, and with more than half of pc's around not capable of running the future Windows Vista it seems that the moment for exploring an alternative operating system.

If MacOS goes open source, the battle Linux-MacOS will surely get all the spotlights turning them away from the Redmond camp, or at least that is what Dvorak suggests. Very nice prospect indeed. For now I will remain in the Linux camp, while using MacOS for my laptop, as I have always find turning any Linux distro into a usable laptop OS a real headache.

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