Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer time

The semester has ended and it's time for the summer adventures, certainly this summer promises to be loaded of adventure for me. Hopefully the posting frequency will increase, which is quite a good thing as this blog has been rather inactive lately.

Right now I have just arrived to CRyA (Center for radioastronomy and astrophysics) to continue a collaboration on hypercompact HII regions (this regions are where massive star formation takes place, more on that on a some near post). The cab driver as soon as he heard I was an astrophysicist (student, of course) instantly replied: "but that's just an awful lot of f.....n maths", and proceeded to tell me the stories of "all those crazy geniuses" like Dali, Einstein, Newton and that "nut economist" (don't ask me who that nut economist is), at the end of the trip I guess he had the impression that he thought I'm every bit as crazy as them (but way dumber than them), which is fine, at least I'm in good company.

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