Saturday, November 03, 2007

Everyone salute the blogino

Last may Symmetry magazine launched a contest for inventing new particles, and the results are out in the latest edition. One of the particles is so relevant for this humble site that it deserves special mention: the blogino, it's creator Jacobo Konigsberg from Fermilab says about it:
Particles created by non-abelian Blog-Blog interactions. Bloginos typically are produced in a very excited state and with a high degree of spin. Even though all their properties have not yet been determined, it is commonly agreed that they exhibit considerable truthiness. They also have the annoying ability to propagate into extra dimensions, away from the blogosphere, and generate lots of phone calls.

The allmighty blogino, the coolest particle around only behind...

The rockon "discovered" by Ike Hall from Fermilab was, hands down, my favorite particle:

Responsible for such things as face-melting guitar solos, heart-pumping rhythms, screaming vocals, and hair bands. Observation of the rockon over the airwaves has been on the decline since 1995.

Yep, that particle really rocks. It's particullary close to me since rock is what I most like in life!

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