Thursday, October 11, 2007

What makes this blog thick?

Counter services are one of those little modern wonders, allowing to track the number of visitors to a site, the country of origin, the browser they are using and most importantly what keywords they used to arrive to the site.

So, which are the more popular keywords in the last 100 visits? Let's take a look:

mexican scientist, mexican astronomer
Yes. That's just what we are.

mexican astronomy
You have just come to the right site, you can have a little glance at astronomy done in Mexico from firsthand participants, mostly students, but still firsthand participants.

iraf ubuntu, ubuntu iraf, ubuntu iraf package, install ds9 ubuntu
Fine, enjoy the scripts. You can still say you compiled IRAF yourself, just to impress your (geeky) friends.

astronomy package octave
Sorry, but octave is an interpreted numerical language quite similar to Matlab and it lacks astronomy specific packages (you can update me on that), maybe if you have some astronomy package for Matlab it will work on octave.

mexican scientist famous, important mexican scientist
Get back in a few years...

What!!! Who is google stalking me? I should lock the door right now...

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